Anne Rhodes  

Anne Rhodes

Mailing Address:

     6105 E. Sahara Ave. #148
     Las Vegas, Nev 89142-1657

Phone: 702 432-8010
Anne Rhodes Gray

We live in Las Vegas... right next door to our daughter.  Husband, Dennis, is retired...

We're helping raise the Grandson while his folks are working...

I'm starting a new job working with Alzheimer's patients..... kind of paying back for all the time I spent with my mother-in-law as she dealt with the disease.

Our grandson, Chance Allen Gray, just turned three. He's the joy of our lives and keeps us young.  His father says it makes him old... We all wish we had just a fraction of his energy.

My parents are in Benson AZ.. That's close enough that we can see them once in a while... much better than when we were in Seattle.

Sure am sad to miss the reunion...

Hello to everyone!


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