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Bill Bailey

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Bill Bailey
Updated: May 26, 2014
The Family Gathers
Our family - 3 sons, one daughter, 2 daughters in law, one son in law and 6 grandkids.
Carolyn and I moved from New Zealand back to the US in 2005 in order to be closer to our kids (4) and grandkids (6).  I recently stepped down as Director of the School of Agriculture at Western Illinois University, here in Macomb, and teach full time. I also write a column weekly column that is published in a number of newspapers around Illinois. The skills picked up at the Wosco and taught by Mrs. Cheetham (Journalism) and Mrs. Jensen (7th-8th grade English) may have finally paid off.

I enjoy photography – I publish a calendar each year featuring my local photographs – and go to the gym each day to make sure everything is still functioning.

And, in response to numerous inquiries (requests?) from a variety of people, I have no idea when I might retire.

I hope everyone has a great time at our 50th.  Go Bears and go alums.

Please tip a glass to Bill Sever for all of his work to help us keep track of each other.

Me and my companions, Jerome and Arizona
Me and my companions, Jerome and Arizona
My 60th Birthday in Antartica Carolyn and I at Palm City, Florida
For my 60th birthday, I treated myself to a trip to Antarctica. Carolyn and I at Palm City, Florida

Greetings from Middle Earth (New Zealand).

Since leaving high school, and Moscow, my life has been reasonably interesting. (I don't mean to imply that for an interesting life one needs to leave Moscow).

Wedding Picture
Bill & Carolyn...
I Married Carolyn Strobel (Moscow High School 1966) at the First Methodist Church in Moscow - 33 years ago!!

This picture is of Carolyn and I at the start of the Milford Trek, on the South Island of New Zealand, last year.

Crossing from Bulgaria into Macedonia in 2003
I've been fortunate enough to do a considerable amount of traveling on various assignments and jobs. This is a picture of me crossing from Bulgaria into Macedonia in 2003.

Son Chad... Singer - Song writer
Son Chad is a singer songwriter.
CARDIO is the band name.

Daughter Katie and ... The Rock...
The picture below was taken last June when Katie planted her Memory Rock in our backyard in Palmerston North.


Bill & Carolyn...  Bill was a US Marine Corps pilot for 5 years
I was a pilot in the US Marine Corps for 5 years

Bill and Carolyn
We moved to New Zealand 11 years ago to teach economics and business at Massey University.

The Family in Aspen
Of course, the most pleasant aspect of the past 40 years is our children. Unlike many in the class, we do not have any grandchildren - yet. The picture above was taken of all of us in Aspen during Christmas 2002.

Our son, Charles, in Los Angeles, is Chief Engineer at the Mix Room.
Our son, Charles, in Los Angeles, is Chief Engineer at the Mix Room. He also works with brother Chad.

Son Tom
Youngest son, Tom... graduated from Moscow High School (now THAT is a long story) and is now attending the University of Idaho. His details are on the web.

Our daughter, Katherine, is getting married in Moscow on August 7. Travelling from New Zealand is rather expensive, so I made the decision to attend her wedding rather than the reunion.

I have returned to Moscow each year since leaving in 1969 but have only been to one reunion - the 10th in 1974.

This website, courtesy of Bill Sever, is a great way to catch up with people. Thanks, Bill, for the work.

I hope the reunion is as successful as the website.

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