Cheryl Howell  

Cheryl Howell

Mailing Address:

     8110 Blairton Road
     Springfield VA 22152

Phone: 703 451-2584
Cheryl Howell Cass
Cheryl and Gary Cass
Cheryl and Gary Cass

Spouse:   Gary Cass

Kids: Have two grown sons that are married to wonderful gals and we have one grand daughter that lives about 25 minutes from us. She 18 months old and is a true delight.

We settled in Virginia after my husband retired from the Navy. We had hoped to transfer back out West but now that we have a grand daughter that lives here, we will probably be staying here when we retire.

I work for the Patent & Trademark Office (PTO) as a memeber of a quality assurance team that tests software for about 10,000 PTO users. I started my work career late (after sons were in high school) so still have a few more years to work before retirement. My husband is a contractor that supports the US Navy on a Foriegn Military Sales contract with the German Navy.

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