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Cindy David

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Cindy David Argue
Spouse:  Bill Argue, whom I met at Super Bowl Sunday in 1982 in Chandler AZ.

Gregg (36) lives in LA w/his lovely Australian wife, Simone.
Gwynne (33) lives in San Diego w/her fiance, Mike. They are getting married in December.
Trevor (25) my stepson who I helped raise from the age of 2, is a single firefighter living in the Milwaukee WI area.
Bill & Cindy
Bill & Cindy

Bill and I live in Tucson, have been here for less than a year. We relocated from the Gulf Coast of Texas so we could be closer to the kids. We have lived off and on in AZ for the past 22 years! We did live in the Reno area for 10 yrs. We've got 2 dogs, 2 cats & a bird & are waiting for grandkids.

I work for a testing service & plan to get my AZ real estate license. Bill is kinda retired. He did work for the LAPD.

Cheryl Nelson Skogen & I are still close & old friends, bookends! The best kind of friend you could ask for is Cheryl. I think we go back to 1955-56-57. We used to love to watch American Bandstand, go to the Tip Top & order vanilla cokes, & pal around. We lost touch for many years & then were reunited in 1991. Have been thick as thieves since then, even tho not geographically. Thank goodness for cheap phone rates!

Thanks to Bill Sever for the fabulous job he has done in putting this wonderfully nostalgic site together. Fabulous, fabuloso!

Wish I could attend the 40th, but cannot make it. Hope everything goes swimmingly & everyone has a memorable time! Happy 40th Class of 1964 Reunion!

I'll be thinkin' about you all.... :) love, Cindy

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