Jack Porter Jack Porter from the 45th reunion

Jack Porter

Mailing Address:

     725 East E Street
     Moscow, ID 83843

Phone: 208-882-6595
Jack Porter
Updated: June 24, 2014

Since our last reunion I have closed my downtown law office, but I’m still working part time at home for some long-time clients.  Cathy and I are gearing up for a 12-week road trip across the US to the Canadian Maritime Provinces this fall, sleeping in our Honda Element and looking for bike trails along the way.

Our kids (hers, mine, and ours) include a school teacher in Bonney Lake, WA, another school teacher in Chico, CA, a pediatric nurse in Seattle, and a finance guy at Pandora.com in Oakland, CA.  We have five grandkids so far and a set of twins on the way, due next month.

Thanks to Bill Sever and the rest of the Reunion Committee for putting all this together!

Spouse:  Cathy


Jennifer (37) high school teacher in Bonney Lake, WA, 2 kids
Sam, Hollis, Heather and Jennifer
Sam, Hollis, Heather and Jennifer - 2002
Hollis (34) middle school teacher in Prescott Valley, AZ, 3 kids
Heather (32) Pediatric nurse and graduate student at University of Washington, Seattle WA
Sam (26) computer guy at online magazine Salon.com, Oakland CA
Updated: April 27, 2009
I’ve been back in Moscow since 1973, practicing law.  I’ve been married to Cathy Bancroft (a former client) since 1981.  Together we’ve raised four kids (hers, mine, and ours), and we’re proud to report all four are now married, graduated, and working.  (The two who are "mine" are also Susie Smith's, and she gets some of the credit here too!)  I haven’t retired yet, but one of the benefits of self-employment is some flexibility in setting my own schedule.  Good health and a happy marriage were things I took for granted back in 1964, but now I see how lucky I am in those departments.
Cathy and me on Moscow Mountain
Cathy and Me... On Moscow Mountain
Hollis's Family
Hollis's Family
Jennifer's Family
Jennifer's Family
Heather & Ryan
Heather & Ryan
Sam & Meredith
Sam & Meredith
Cathy & Jack at the Inaugural Ball
At the Inaugural Ball
Our Grandkids
Our Grandkids

From the 40th

I couldn’t wait to get out of town in 1964, but I came back in 1973 and have been here ever since, happy as a pig in mud most of the time. After Susie Smith and I split up (one of the less happy moments), I was lucky enough to marry a former client, Cathy Bancroft. She and I were surrounded by kids from the beginning (hers, mine, and then ours), so it seems as though we’re getting our honeymoon afterward now that they’ve left the nest.

Over the years my law practice has evolved to where I’m dealing mostly with probate and estate planning. That may sound dull or even morbid, but I enjoy the small-town client contact and a sense of helping families through difficult transitions.

In my spare time I write letters to the local newspaper (formerly the Daily Idahonian) and involve myself in various worthy or quixotic projects. One of these is renovating the old Whitworth School as a community center. It’s only about 25% complete and still looks pretty sad from the outside, but you should see the changes inside. The old gym where you and I used to run around as scrawny 7th graders has been turned into a very nice “Great Room” for dinners, dances, political meetings, and wedding receptions. Any old grads looking for a place to donate excess cash are welcome to contact me!

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