Janice Johnson Janice Johnson from the 45th reunion

Janice Johnson

Mailing Address:

     25514 N.E. 165th Ave
     Battle Ground, WA 98604-9765

Phone: 360 687-5758
Janice Johnson Sayler

Spouse:  Ken

     Angie & Jace Rutherford - Jacob, Cole & new baby
     Greg & Andrea Sayler - Jackson, Jennesee & Jaelyn

Forty years!!!!

We can't be that old!  I certainly don't feel that old in my mind!

Ken and I are both retired from education and are thoroughly enjoying ourselves.   We've been getting away from the rainy winters by traveling south in our motorhome and west to Hawaii.   Then we can play golf all year long.

We love being grandparetns to our five grandkids - six by the reunion.  They keep us very young and active.

My sister, Peggy lives in the house I grew up in, so I do get to Moscow occasionally.  Her son is getting married the morning of the reunion, so unfortunately, I won't be there Friday night.

I'm really looking forward to seeing and visiting with everyone.

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