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Joanne Putman

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Joanne Putman Mickey
Updated: May 13, 2014

Spouse:  Allen Mickey (deceased)

     Gregory, David and Joseph,
     Christina (son in law Derek McKinney)


     Ashley (16)
     Daniel (11)
     Allen (7)
     Emily (4)


My son Joseph and I had planned to make a road trip and come to the reunion but something has come up and we not able to do it so I will not be at the reunion.

The last time I updated my page I was living in Georgia and working for Castleberry's foods.  In 2008 the company closed so I was forced to retire.  I moved to North Carolina and started taking care of my grandson.  Two years later Emily joined the family so I then I had two to take care of.  Allen is now in first grade so I just have Emily most days.  Occasionally I take care of a special needs little boy.  Later the year I moved to NC, Joseph  moved here too.  He has never gotten married so I don't have any grandkids from him.  I pray that someday he will meet the right person and get married but until he does he would rather stay single.   He as well as Christina and Derek are elementary music teachers so I keep busy helping them with sewing costumes and attending their music programs.  They are also involved in a community band so I watch the kids while they are at practice and at the concerts.

My son Greg is in prison in Oregon for 12 years so I don't get to see him much.  I do not know where David is as he disappeared 4 years ago and even his drug friends don't know where to find him.  Greg's wife divorced him and took his kids away from me so I haven't seen them for 9 years.  I pray that I will get to see them again some day.

When I am not watching my grandkids I keep busy sewing, playing games on my computer and attending activities with my church.  I live a very dull life but I'm happy being close to my kids.

Allen and Emily
Joseph's Family
Emily and Allen Christina and her kids with Joseph

Joanne Mickey

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