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Kathy Ardrey

Mailing Address:

     33423 SW Ladd Hill Road
     Wilsonville, OR 97070-7548

Phone: 503 625-7954
Kathy Ardrey Marquardt

Spouse:  Vic


      Kevin, age 25
      Brooke Ann, age 24

Is there a prize for the last registration? Obviously, I will win.

Oregon has been the perfect place to settle, work, have a family and enjoy the outdoors. Following high school I attended the Univ of Idaho, and then physical therapy school in Rochester, Minn. I have worked in Salem, OR since graduation -- lots of years -- first at the hospital, then for a group of orthopedic surgeons and for the last 20+ years have owned a small outpatient private practice with the same partner.

My husband is now retired from OHSU and works around our place keeping up our small vineyard, keeping me fed (a very good cook), as well as studying botany, a new passion, and traveling the world with a friend in search of mistletoe! We have also begun to travel, with two trips now to Europe, with and encouraged by Brooke Ann. Hopefully there will be more.

Kevin, our son, has returned from East Coast college -- yea! -- and works as a lab technician at the Wheat Marketing Center in Portland. They develop and market wheat food products for the Asian market, representing all of the wheat producing states, including Idaho.

Brooke Ann, who also attended college out east is now working on her Masters in Library and Information Science in Boston. She works parttime in the library of the Draper Corporation on the MIT campus, a private company which contracts with the Navy, NASA etc. Although this may not be her direction, it is good experience. Hopefully, the job market will ease and she, too, will return to Oregon.

Some of you may remember my mother, Catherine Ardrey, who taught at the Junior High and at Moscow High School. She died this past weekend, at age 92, of Alzheimer's. Her obituary should be in the Moscow paper this week or next.

It's good to finally have time to read the web site. I see there will be classmates attending who were not at the last reunion and I am looking forward to hearing about the years since '64. The coordinators have done a great job.

If I can find it, I have a ?second grade souvenir to share with Boyce.

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