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LaRee Smith Carlson
Updated: May 23, 2009

LaRee Smith CarlsonThe past 5 years have seemed like a blur. Time is going so fast.

The first part we spent at our granddaughters bedside. We are happy to report that Shiri is doing very well . She will be 22 the end of June, rides her motorcycle again, relearned to drive, and is taking classes at Spokane Falls Comm. College. She hopes to be a personal trainer and at the end of this month will be inducted into the Honor Society. She has come along ways and we are very proud of her. She still has short term memory problems which frustrate her but all in all we praise the Lord for her healing and progress.

Dave and I volunteer for Family Life, they put on the Weekend to Remember marriage conferences across the country. There are 2 in Cd'A each fall. In January of 08 we were able to go on a training cruise with them. We had a great time and stopped in Jamaica, Grand Cayman and Cozumel. Our favorite was Grand Cayman where we got to go out and swim with the stingrays. I including pictures to prove it. It was quite and experience. Love cruising!!

Swimming with Rays
Swimming with Rays...

We have been to N.C. several times. Near the Raleigh area where Dave's Mom, Sister and Niece live. We got to go to a Hurricanes hockey game the first few times we were there. Just got back again last month but did not get to see a game. We still go to hockey games all winter here and last year our team won the Memorial Cup for major junior hockey, which is like the Stanley cup in the NHL.

We bought a newer 26 ft. travel trailer last fall and are looking forward to camping more this year. We plan to do some traveling once we retire, in this economy who knows when that will happen.

Life has gone on as usual and our family is fine. Of course each year my kids make me feel older and the grand kids make us feel even older. They are all doing fine. Dave is still with Kaiser Aluminum and I too am still working. We both are in good health and feel we are blessed.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone, especially since I could not make the 40th. See you in a few weeks.

September 26, 2004 Update

Well, life has slowed a tiny bit, but not much. We are to leave on the 12th for N. Carolina for 2 weeks. Hope the hurricanes are all out of that area by then. Dave's niece is getting married.

I was so sorry to hear about Martha's husband, we never know from one day to the next do we? Our lives and those of our loved ones are just simply not in our hands. It does make one more aware of living each day to the fullest.

I saw Shiri yesterday and she is doing so well that the therapists don't really know what to do with her. She can walk by herself now, talks a blue streak and can eat whatever she wants. She does still have short term memory loss and her right eye, which is the biggest concern now, still will not open. We are hoping it will heal and correct itself as if it does not it will require surgery, that as I understand it, will not correct it really but would be a more permanent solution. If she holds the lid open she can see out of it. She is able to go out for short outings with her parents now and should be able to go home around Oct. 7th. We are all so very thankful and praise the Lord for His care and healing.

Thank you to all who have upheld her and her family in your prayers.

September 5, 2004 Update
Hi to all.
Shiri - Picture taken from the August 22, 2004 Spokesman Review Handle

First, thank you for the many prayers on behalf of our grandaughter. I am happy to report that she is coming out of the coma quickly now. She began saying a few words night before last and yesterday. Today she put some together in short sentences and was able to read a banner on the wall and answer some questions. She still has a very long way to go and sleeps a great deal but it is all positive and such a relief to know she can think, talk and comprehend what we ask her and responds. I am so thankful and praise the Lord for each step she takes. I will let you know as things progress. It is a month today, 31 days to be exact.


August 21, 2004 Update

Just a quick update. Shiri is still in a coma, she becomes adgitated easily and they have to hold her to keep her from scratching her face or pulling out her feeding tube. They changed some of her meds as they feel she is having a reaction and that is causing the itching. She has had some problems with a fever too, but there is no sign of infection any where. They took a scan yesterday and it shows a black spot on the left part of her brain and also the brain.may be shrinkling some. They are concerned about the shrinking and will check again in a few weeks. It may be that there is still some swelling in the right side. It all is hard to handle as we really won't know anything for sure till she wakes up. Today was day 16, it is very hard to wait. There is a possiblity of speech problems and of course other things too. She will not be able to start her senior year with her classmates. We do hope she wakes soon so we will know what is next and what the future holds.

Thank You for your prayers. Please continue to pray for her and also her mom, dad and 13 year old brother. It is getting harder and harder for all of them.

Lee (LaRee)

August 9, 2004 Update

Since we have been in touch so much thought I would let you know what is going on here.

My 17 yr. old grandaughter who has raced motorcycles since she was 6, was in an accident at the ORV park at Airway Heights last Wed. evening. She was taking a jump and a younger gal on a 4 wheeler was too close to the track and in fact turned into the track probably just not thinking. They were just practicing. Anyway, Shiri, my grandaughter, tried to miss her in midair but clipped the front when she came down and it threw her head first into the ground. She has been in a coma since. She is making some progress, better than expected they say, but has not come out of it yet. We will not know what other things we may have to face until she is awake. She is to by a senior at East Valley this year and is such a sweet, good natured girl. She also plays violin. Please pray with us for her recovery and that she will wake soon so we will know the extent of any damage. It does look like the optic nerve on the right side may be damaged and she may have some motor skill problems.

We are just waiting now for her to wake up, it could be anytime or it could be weeks. The waiting is the hardest.

Spouse: Dave


     Matt - 39,married, 2 kids
     Mark - 37,married, no kids, 4 dogs however
     Daniel - 34,married, 3 kids.

I also have 2 stepchildren and, between Dave and I, we have 11 grandchildren ranging from 17 to 1yr.
Dave and LaRee
Dave & Lee

I have lived in Spokane since the early 70's.  

Dave and I have been married for 20 yrs.   He is president of the steelworkers union here in the Spokane Valley and has been employed by Kaiser for 30 yrs.   I have worked 2 days a week at our church the past 3 years and also am involved in direct sales.  I also do some writing.

Since I also enjoy crafts, gardening and we are active in our church; it seems we are always busy, but we're not really getting much done.

As we get older we realize that, for some reason, the days just aren't as long as they used to be and we're not able to fill them as full.  We don't even get out to visit with friends much.

In the winter, you will find us at the Spokane Arena whenever there is a Hockey game.   We are devoted fans. We both love to watch sports and are looking forward to things slowing down some day so we can get back to fishing and camping in the summer.

We do enjoy the grandchildren.  Our oldest two race motorcycles and our 16 year old grandaugter plays violin in a select group called "Strolling Strings" through East Valley High School.

I am really looking forward to the reunion in July.  In recent months I have come to realize just how short life really is and the value of friends, family and memories.

See you all in July!!

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