Marilyn Petersen  

Marilyn Petersen

Mailing Address:

     P.O Box 190780
     Boise, ID 83719

Marilyn Petersen Farley


     Three children, Shawn, Sheree and Tiffany.

  • Shawn lives in Troy Idaho with his partner in life, Laurie McGraw.  He owns, in conjunction with his dad, a logging company and a mini storage business.  The children count for these two is five.
  • Sheree Farley Yockey and husband Tim live in Troy, Idaho and have two children.  Sheree is a licensed nurse at Gritman Memorial Hospital in Moscow.
  • Tiffany Farley Southern and husband Gary live in Meridian, Idaho.  Tiffany teaches and coaches at a middle school in Boise. Their first is due in June.
Of the seven current grandchildren, six live near Moscow and one in Germany.

Marilyn Petersen  FarleySo in my case, it was not the kids that wondered off, it was Mom.

I lived in Troy, Idaho until 1994 when I moved to Wisconsin for one year and then to Oklahoma, and last summer to Texas.

I have worked in the equine (horse) industry for many years raising, training & showing horses or giving lessons to those youth and amateurs who choose to show their own horses.  I am also involved heavily in the horse show management part of the industry.  I own a horse training facility in Oklahoma but am currently in the process of offering the property for sale and will then live full time in Texas.  At one time managing the ranch and having 45 to 50 horses to be responsible for was all in a days work, but those long 16 hour days just weren't as enjoyable after the age of 50 something crept up on me.  So I am in "scaledown mode".

I have been blessed with so many great customers from all parts of the United States and several European countries.

I still do travel extensively through out the US to shows which has given me a great opportunity to become friends with people far and near.  While my show career has been extremely sucessful, the comradery among horse trainers is encredable.

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