Mike Bosse Mike at the 45th Reunion

Mike Bosse

Rest In Peace...
July 11, 2020
Mike Bosse
Updated: July 11, 2020

I got a call from Mike's brother Rick today to let us know that, after a long battle with Cancer and a few weeks in Hospice... Mike has died.

In the past several weeks... Mike's brother Dan (Parkinson's Disease & Celiac disease in March) and his sister Jan (Cancer in June) have also passed away... Caner is such a terrible disease and such a terrible toll on our friends family..

I had called and talked with Mike when he first went into Hospice and, while he didn't dwell on the inevitable... he explained to me that the Doctors had done all that they could... and it was a matter of time... He was in caring hands and his pain was being dealt with.

If I hear more... arrangements, etc. - I'll post it here and on our Facebook page.

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