Mike Brady Mike Brady from the 45th reunion

Mike Brady

Mailing Address:

     13360 McFarland Creek Road
     Boise, ID 83703

Phone: 208 327-8900
Mike Brady

Spouce:  Kathleen L. Brady


     Michaelina J. Murphy
     Justin Brady
     Mischa Brady
     Morgan Brady
     Micah Brady


I have been practicing law in Boise, Idaho since 1970.  My wife Kathleen became pregnant at our last class reunion in 1994!  Micah was born in April, 1995, so I am going for the youngest child prize at this reunion.  Can anyone top an eight year old???!!!

We have two grandchildren Megan 9 and Matt 2.

I look forward to seeing all of you in July, 2004.

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