Susan Vent Susan Vent Baker

Susan Vent

Mailing Address:

     6825 W Pierce
     Phoenix, AZ 85043

Phone: 623 936-9500
Susan Vent Baker

Susan Vent Baker #2My four sons are:

     Kenneth Baker, age 34
     Torrey Baker, age 31
     Arthur Baker, age 27
     George Baker, age 23

Ken lives in the state of Washington. The other 3 live in the Phoenix area.

I have two living grandchildren; one is just about 2 years old (a girl) and the other is 5 months old (a boy). Both of my oldest son's babies (boys) died before they were six months old.

Still friends with husband number one (57 years old) -- married 27 years. New husband (43 years old) is much more active! Ha, ha!

I'm teaching Special Education to sixth and eighth graders in an area where the police get extra pay for hazardous duty. Will be 58 years old May 8. That's All Folks!

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